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                Jingren Electric is hitting SNEC directly: opening a new chapter of new energy with 25 years of safe operation as the core, leading the global real-safe low-voltage electrical technology development!

                SNEC's 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition opened on June 3rd, Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. grandly launched a new photovoltaic and energy storage solutions, especially the use of post-cooling to dissipate Zero flashover technology Really safe high-voltage DC circuit breaker detonated the audience.

                In the DC low-voltage 1500V system, there is an arc spraying outside the circuit breaker, which is very harmful to the bus and cannot be solved for a long time. Although an arc shield of about 80mm is installed in front of the arc nozzle in the industry, this shield is made of nylon. After about 8 years of operation, cracks are likely to occur, which will cause a short circuit of the positive and negative arcs and cause a second short circuit. .

                Once the Beijing People's Electric Factory Co., Ltd.'s true safety type zero arcing DC circuit breaker was released, it quickly resonated with industry customers, and they lamented that the arcing accident was finally eliminated. The safety of the new energy system is guaranteed. This is another major contribution of the people of Beijing to the industry.

                Beijing People's Electric Factory Co., Ltd.'s post-cooling and dissociation zero arcing technology completely solves the industry's pain points, truly realizes the safety protection of new energy power distribution, and leads the global real-safe low-voltage electrical technology development.


                1. Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. debuts with the latest photovoltaic and energy storage system solutions




                2. The use of post-cooling and free-dissipation zero flashover technology really safe molded case circuit breakers detonates attention




                3. Communicate with customers about new solutions and new technologies on-site with passionate solutions and technologies




                4. The core products of photovoltaic and energy storage of Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. are grandly released:


                GHX6-55P high voltage and high current rotary isolation switch:

                ● DC1500V PV1 55A

                ● DC1100V PV2 45A

                ● Installation of shunt trip can be remotely opened

                ● The wiring terminals are in the same direction, which is convenient for field wiring operation and wiring in the equipment

                ● Magnetic blowing technology, invention patents, independent intellectual property rights

                As the current of a single string of solar panels continues to increase and has reached 15-20A, the current required for parallel connection of two strings of panels exceeds 40A. Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. launched the GHX6-55P high-voltage and high-current rotary isolation switch for new needs. The demand of the system is the driving force for our progress-bravely climbing the peak, Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory understands the system as deeply as you.


                GM51-630PT series two-pole DC1500V DC circuit breaker (isolating switch)

                The world's first real-safe zero-flash high-voltage DC circuit breaker with independent intellectual property rights using post-cooling to eliminate free arcing:

                ● Innovation 1: Arc side spray technology

                Use the length space on both sides of the circuit breaker to set up the arc elimination free passage, so that the arc generated by the breaking can be completely dissipated and absorbed in the circuit breaker. There is no need to install a zero flashover cover to achieve zero flashover on the body, making the installation of the circuit breaker more convenient and safe Higher sex.

                ● Innovation 2: Ultra-large opening distance with multi-grid arc extinguishing technology

                Single pole distance> 68mm, single pole arc extinguishing grid up to 35 pieces, the arc is rapidly elongated when short circuit breaks, and quickly enters the arc extinguishing grid, the arc voltage increases sharply, and the arc is extinguished quickly, achieving a two-pole DC1500V 20kA Breaking indicators.

                ● Innovation point 3: Arc transfer technology

                Achieve two-pole DC1500V bidirectional current protection, both positive and negative currents can meet the requirements of breaking capacity and critical current.

                ● Innovation point 4: strong gas blowing and dissociation technology, arc anti-injection technology

                Shorter arc extinguishing time.

                ● Innovation point 5: the new high-short static contact design of the isolating switch

                Cooperate with the fuse to achieve 120kA/0.01s high and short withstand parameters, leading the cutting-edge technology of low-voltage electrical appliances for energy storage systems.

                The post-cooling ionization and zero flashover technology is another breakthrough in the global DC arc elimination technology. The GM51-630PTG product with high short-term resistance, zero flashover, and high load breaking capacity has become the third-level energy storage ladder of Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. The core product of protection system solutions.

                GM51-630PT molded case circuit breaker provides brand new excellent performance. It adopts large distance, arc side rear spray structure, can achieve the maximum voltage of two-pole DC working voltage DC1500V, breaking index DC1500V 20kA, Ics=100%Icu, zero flashover, breaking index Leading similar products.

                Beijing People’s Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd., as an industrial electrical protection expert enterprise of "providing comprehensive intelligent industrial electrical protection solutions", adheres to the value orientation of "exceeding customer value needs", develops high-tech with independent intellectual property rights, and independent innovation expertise There is technology transformation and application. Continue to give play to the advantage of "leading in comprehensive application technology", lead the innovation direction of photovoltaic technology and carry out vigorous exploration in the field of "photovoltaic + smart energy", make every effort to achieve China's dual-carbon goal, and be a pioneer; In the process of the main body's new power system, we will strive to be a leader, promoter, and forerunner of energy clean and low-carbon transformation. Lay the foundation for further opening up the international market. The company has always put innovative ideas throughout all levels of technology and services, and carefully crafted each product and solution. By promoting industrial automation, digital and intelligent, industrial efficiency and competitiveness are improved, and new impetus is injected into economic development, and new vitality is injected into the entire manufacturing industry chain, value chain and development model.